How efficient is riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike (2)

How efficient is riding a kick scooter compared to riding a bike?

Cycling in the city has become less appealing to many people due to the attitude of drivers against cycles. Not every city in the world has the same biking culture as in Portland. Hence, many people are switching to other types of transportation which are skating, skateboarding, and scootering.

Between the three, scooters are definitely the ones that share a lot of similarity to bikes. As a result, many people start asking how efficient is riding a scooter compared to riding a bike. If that’s also what’s in your mind, our post will provide an objective view from different perspectives to help to decide whether you should change your transportation.

The Advantages Of Riding A Kick Scooter Compared To Riding A Bike

What is the best kick scooter for commuting
What is the best kick scooter for commuting

Here you’ll find all the advantages of having a scooter instead of a bike, thus encouraging you to take this type of transportation.

Faster than walking, less sweaty than cycling

Pretty much like traveling on your feet, the scooter is capable of riding on many different terrains including rocky mountain tracks, grass field, asphalt roads, and many more. Its smaller size would also allow scooters to get through narrow streets much more efficiently compared to riding a bike. On top of that, your scooters can also rival the speed of a bike in certain situations.

That being said, instead of walking, you can choose a more efficient way to travel with the kick scooter. In additions, when compared to biking, scootering is a considerably less demanding exercise. Thus, you won’t have to arrive at your office with a sweaty shirt.

What are some good waterproof electric skateboards?

What are some good waterproof electric skateboards?

Having an electric skateboard can be extremely useful and convenient, you can quickly get to places without having to lay a single foot on the ground. This makes electric skateboards desirable transportation in the city.

However, like other standard skateboards, riding in the wet and rainy condition is not recommended for electric skateboard users. The reason being that not just that it isn’t good for the decks, bearings, but for some products, their battery and motor might not be waterproof either. This can lead to extremely dangerous situations when riding on wet conditions.

Hence, in this post, we’ll be providing the important things that you need to consider when choosing waterproof electric skateboard and introducing a few quality products on the market.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a waterproof electric skateboard

skateboard for beginner adults
for beginner adults

Not all parts are waterproof

This might sound disappointing to you, but up until now, there hasn’t been any electric skateboard that was shown to have a complete waterproof. In fact, most manufacturers only advertise their product as water resistance in certain parts.



Hey skateboarders!

Welcome to my blog! Today, let’s discuss the top five best wheel brands for our skateboard. These are highly reliable and long-lasting wheels that will help you to achieve any challenges.

You won’t need to doubt about these top five brands as they are top-notch in the market. You only need to pick the wheels that suit your purpose and style.

Let just dive into it!

1. Spitfire

For a great kickstart of 2019, our last year’s king will still retain his crown. Yes, everyone loves Spitfire for both its quality and design. This brand was in the top ten of my last year review, and it seems this year also.

I bet you with anything, cause you can’t find better wheels the Spitfire elsewhere!

Even though it was founded way back in 1987, over the decades, Spitfire still maintains its reputation and creativity. Not only that but the brand is also constantly evolving with better quality and amazing constructions.

PlayWheels Skateboards

Are PlayWheels Skateboards A Good Brand For Kids?

If you’re in the market looking for a good skateboard for kids, then PlayWheels should be one of a few famous brands to trust. Our post will explain why we choose PlayWheels skateboards for children as well as review one of their best products. After that, you can make the decision on your own.

Why choose PlayWheels?

PlayWheels Skateboards
PlayWheels Skateboards

With many unreliable brands eager to make profits by selling poorly-constructed boards for children. It would be wise for the adult to decide which brand you should trust. With that being said, PlayWheels is one of those few brands that you look for.